The greatest gift is time

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My wife and I went to the Keep Denton Beautiful event last Saturday, our small part of the 2015 Great American Cleanup. We brought our eight-month-old daughter, Cami, with us, who already has quite the following. See, both Kim and I are graduate students at UNT, and both of our departments have been so supportive, and fallen head-over-heels in love with our little squish! We were worried about how difficult it would be to have a baby while trying to finish our degrees. I took last semester off so I could be home with her, and have had to adjust to getting back into the swing of classes and work and research on campus. Time is precious, we feel like there is never enough. However, we don't want Cami to miss out on the chance to be a part of the community. So whenever we can we bring her with us. Someone noticed how much time I spend with our little one, and said that whatever we did, the most important thing was to just be there. Be there for her trials and triumphs. Be there for her first steps and her first words. Be there for all the little moments that don't get posted on Facebook or Instagram. Be there even when you have deadlines and stresses of your own. Just be there. So, here I am. Actively caring for my precious little daughter. I know, not exactly heroic. Its something we all do. But it felt great to share in that moment with the whole community.
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