The Urge to Be a Part of a Movement


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Well, I guess this will be the story of how I got involved. I just finished a semester of Intro to Psychology, and I have to say, Dr. Geller really made a difference. I felt like I needed to let him know how much he has changed my perspective on things. Lately, I've been just pushing through school, desperately trying to make something of it and enjoy it. I also felt like I just had to get through my CLE's (core classes) so they wouldn't waste my time. When he started teaching the class half way through the semester, I kind of started to enjoy his talks. The vibes int he room became more relaxed and discussion-oriented. He just made me want to learn more. Not many professors or teachers have made me feel this way. At the end of the last class, I felt like he should know, since he said before that he likes to hear how influencing he can be. As I waited in line, I saw that he was handing out these wristbands- as recognition and rewards for approaching him, whatever the matter was. Receiving a wristband was not my objective. When it was my turn, I said "Oh it's okay, I don't want a wristband." He then asked why. I said, "because I just do things for people because I like to." For me, it was how I was raised, and I felt no need to receive a wristband. He then said "Well, this just means you are a part of the movement, and you can pass this along." I gladly accepted- how could I say no? Caring and being respectful to those around me, despite most of them not replicating, I feel is a way of living. And yes, i want people to become aware that this is just what this society needs, to ACTUALLY care for those around them, even if those people are complete strangers. So that's the story- probably not what you expected. Maybe by participating in this movement- having accepted the deed by accepting the wristband- could push this just a bit further, just like what everyone else on this site is doing. Thank you Dr. Geller, and I look forward to making this society improve.


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