Paws for a Cause: Volunteering to Make a Difference in the Community


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Due to the influx of attention that many people who are in need in my community garner around the holidays, my eyes became opened. Awakening from my somnambulism, I emerged with a whole new outlook on volunteerism. I became aware that there are needs in the community, but specifically in my school district year-round. I realized that I should do something to improve the lives of so many less fortunate kids that I go to school with. I got a group of friends together, met with my school's social worker, got the approval of our principal, and created a club. I named it Paws for a Cause, because my school's mascot is a Lion, and because paws symbolize all the helping hands of the student volunteers at my school. Tonight my school had their annual Talent Show, and with the support of many of my friends, I hosted a bake sale. Paws for a Cause raised $201! After we wrapped up all the leftover desserts to donate to members of the community, my school's social worker turned club advisor came up to me and handed me a green, AC4P bracelet. This bracelet serves as a reminder that with hard work, greatness is attainable. This AC4P bracelet inspires me to continue on to lead a life devoted to helping people in need. I cannot wait to pass it along to someone else devoted to helping others!


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