Morgan Greenhalgh's Actively Caring Summary


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My story starts with my best friend Maddy. At the University I attend, my friend Maddy is an education major and this year she started teaching high school students. Previously, she had taught middle school students and absolutely loved it and I knew not only were high school students more difficult, but she would have to completely change her teaching style. However, within a few weeks of teaching these students, she found that she loved teaching high school history classes and loved her new students. The reason why I decided to give my bracelet to Maddy was because one day, when her and I were hanging out and talking, she told me about how she was talking to her students and was giving them advice about college and graduate schools and inspiring them to pursue their passions in life. In addition, she would attend school games and outside activities to support her students. I then realized that compared to the other people I knew who were education majors, Maddy truly goes above and beyond for her students. Sure the other education majors like doing what they do and care about their students, but Maddy makes her major her life and truly cares about the well-being and success of her students. That is why I decided to give my bracelet to her and for her to pass on.


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