Lost in the snow


Wristband number

130 076


My boyfriend and I were on an adventure through the snowstorm. We had walked to UMass and went sledding. On the way back to my apartment we saw two people walking on the snowy road ahead of us. Soon after they were out of our sight my boyfriend spotted a phone in the road. It was face up and the navigation app was on. Upon picking up the phone, it announced, "Your desitnation is on the left in 900 ft". We figured out they were going to an apartment complex just ahead. So we entered the street and figured out we could follow their tracks in the snow in order to return the phone. We soon found the two people in the laundry room, asked if they were just on North Pleasant street and if they dropped their phone. The girl had no idea she dropped her phone but was extremely grateful to us for finding it! Then the guy thanked me as well and gave me the actively caring wristband. It was an awesome experience and I'm so glad we were able to make a positive difference in someone's life!


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