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My puppy shredded my roommate’s couch cushion about two weeks ago, but I just now was able to get around to buying the materials to replace it. I am a person of my word, so I promised my roommates that I would replace anything my girl destroys. I was working longer hours to try to save up money to buy it on top of going to school and paying my regular bills. When I drove up to Ikea, I found out they do not sell individual couch cushion inserts nor individual couch cushion covers, and money was already tight due to Thanksgiving and Christmas season coming up as well as my girl’s spay/dewclaw removal appointment. So I had to buy covers for the entire couch and then drove to JOANN Fabrics. I was looking for a couch cushion insert, or at least something similar to it. The material I had to buy was extremely expensive (for a college student), and it was not on sale. I was in line and an older lady looked at me who probably knew I was struggling due to my wicked eye bags and long face. She looked down at her own things and back at mine then asked if I had coupons. I replied, “I’m sorry but I do not,”. She smiled a genuine smile and handed me her 50% off coupon then said, “I remember what it was like at your age and how hard it can be at times. Happy holidays”. I was so dumbfounded that she gave me her own coupon instead of using it for herself that I teared up. Something as little as that can make someone’s life a bit easier without even knowing the background story.


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