Helping Others in Need


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Throughout this semester, I have been looking for someone who is showing actively caring behavior, especially someone who takes that extra minute to turn someone’s day around. I’m sure I have run into many people who have shown great examples of this, but just the other day, I saw a girl walking to class on crutches. She had two textbooks in her hand and it looked like she was struggling. Then, I watched as a boy walked up to her and asked her if she needed any help. She looked thrilled and asked if he wouldn’t mind holding her books so that she could use both hands on her crutches. I followed them on my way to class on Jayhawk Blvd. He walked her all the way into strong hall (where I happened to have class) and into her classroom. I’m sure this young man who she didn’t even know made her whole day. I waited for him outside of the classroom and decided I wanted to hand him my AC4P wristband. He looked confused, so I explained the whole meaning behind “the movement.” I told him that it was inspiring to watch him take time out of his day to help someone in need and that’s why I decided to give my bracelet to him. I could tell that he was happy to receive the bracelet. I told him to find someone who is showing this type of behavior and give them the bracelet so the movement can spread throughout campus. This whole experience made me more aware of looking for actively caring behavior.


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