The best of neighbors!


Wristband number

88 526


His name is James. He lives across the street. He has a lovely family with a new baby just on the planet! He is the glue of the neighborhood and knows most everyone. I have learned he has been an important comforter to neighbors who were going through a difficult time. He does little things that matter a lot. You can often catch him being friendly and making someone's day a little brighter. I like to think of those greetings as intentional acts of kindness he spreads throughout the neighborhood...the ripple effect, get a smile, give a smile! It is contagious. Today he brought my recycle and trash bins up from my curb to the is a little thing but it made my day when I discovered the kind deed upon arriving home. So, for this, and for all of the thoughtful and caring sentiments, I pass on my AC4P to my neighbor James!


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