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Kara Yeoman #53156 Kara is an amazing special education teacher who has gone above and beyond this summer school. Kara asked for a challenging student to be placed in her classroom for the summer due to her success in working with him during the school year. Unfortunately since the beginning of summer school, the student’s challenging behaviors have escalated significantly. Kara has devoted a tremendous amount of energy, time and patience to implement an effective behavior plan to decrease the intensity and frequency of the student’s challenging behavior. With all of her efforts, combined with her tremendous skills in working with challenging behavior as well as her creativity and sense of humor in a difficult situation, the student’s behavior has gotten better. Kara has maintained a high level of energy and effort with the student as well as a tremendous of patience even in some very challenging moments. She has been a true leader and support to the staff in her classroom as well as a true advocate for a student with special needs even in these very challenging moments. It has been a pleasure to work with someone so talented who is also amazingly caring and compassionate. Thank you Kara for all of the excellent work you do on a daily basis with your students!


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