The Airport


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51 893


While waiting at the airport right before boarding. My wife and I and our kids, age 2 and a half and one. With a huge double stroller, car seat, backpacks, food, etc. You get the idea of our life, which is amazing by the way if you have children. We noticed an elderly lady in a wheelchair while other people in need of assistance were getting on board and know one was noticing her. My wife first asked if she needed help and when the woman said she hoped someone was coming I went up to the counter. The southwest counter lady got right to it and she was on the plane. Then, it happened! We got our bracelet. A gentleman approached us and handed us our bracelet and said to go to this site because of the kind gesture he witnessed. I didn't think it was a big deal. I hope people would be kind, but in these days I guess people don't look around anymore at each other. Our lives are simple on purpose; to notice each other as a family and life around us.. Stay at home mother, regular job for me, and time spent walking to park and exercising. Barely dinners out and no rat race for us. We have tablets and phones but we devote our time to our family first. And then a glass of wine or craft beer at 9:00 at night. It's cliche, but LESS IS MORE. We'll pass our bracelet on when we see a kind gesture but I would hope we wouldn't need a CAUSE to help someone. Just one families thoughts.


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