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At the beginning of the semester when my professor presented our class with the AC4P assignment I found myself immediately intrigued. It took me some time to think of a behavior that I do not see often but that I would like to. I wanted the behavior to a lot of personal meaning and reference to my beliefs about what would make our society better. I personally think our society has lost a lot of respect for one another and people rarely address each other formally as “sir” or “ma’am” anymore. I was sitting in my math class when my professor started having difficulty with the technology. He asked the technician to assist him and when he was finished the technician responded with, “You are welcome, sir.” The man was showing his respect for my professor by addressing him this way. I approached the man after my class was over and told him about what AC4P project was and what behavior I chose to search for. I handed the bracelet to him and told him that it was now his turn to think of a behavior that he feels he does not see often enough and would like to. He agreed with my stance that most people do not address each other formally anymore and that is a sign of respect that should have never faded away the way it has. He said that he is originally from the south and that it is very common to use those words when addressing others but not as common in the Midwest and other regions in the United States. He seemed surprised by the unexpected situation but humbled. He told me that he was thankful that I gave the bracelet to him and that he promised to take his turn paying it forward. I found the AC4P project very inspiring. If we want to see a change in the world we need to become that change. I am glad that I was given a chance to encourage others as well myself to be a small part of that change. Bracelet #: 78194


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