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I have passed the wristband I received when my company ICS decided to join the actively caring for people movement. I could think of no one more deserving than my daughter April. She started with a minor involvement with the Honor Flight organization in Kalamazoo, MI. This organization provides free transportation for WWII vets to the WWII Memorial in Washington DC. She quickly moved up the ranks to an administrative role, coordinating volunteers as chaperones for each vet. You can imagine that these vets are getting on in years and some of them use wheel chairs or walkers and the organization makes sure each vet has an escort to help them with the flights and help them with getting around in DC once they arrive. This is a one day whirlwind tour that not only stops at the Memorial but also the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and other monuments. Then when the vets return home that evening there is a welcome home contingent cheering and waving flags and giving these men and women the welcome back that many of them never received when they actually came back home from the war. Indeed for most they merely saved the world then came back and got jobs and raised families and it was like 'no big deal" except for the fact that it was an incredibly big deal. She even went on one flight to help with the DC logistics and coordination. She does this while holding a full time job with Ameriprise, participating in a weekly Bible study program, playing volleyball and softball and regularly working out AND did I mention she's also involved with the Literacy Council in teaching adults to read She also acts as the family ambassador in making sure everyone in the family has Happy Birthday sung to them over the phone on their birthday and gets involved with the annual family reunion that occurs the day after Thanksgiving. I thought the perfect way to say thank you to her and express how proud I am of her was to honor her with this wristband as someone who truly is an actively caring person.


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