AC4P Part 2


Wristband number

54 989


AC4P Part 2 When I gave my wristband I saw something that actually touched my heart. I was at the soup kitchen with some friends helping out the less fortunate by serving food and sitting down and talking to them. There was a guy that was sitting there putting all of his food in a napkin and putting it in his back I began to ask the man if he was going to be saving that for later and he laughed and said, “no sweet heart I am taking this to a few people that were too ill to get up and come here for food today”, I decided right then to give him my wristband, that man right there is what I would consider actively caring. He was thinking about others and not himself. After I gave him the wristband he was so happy and promised he would pass it along to someone that deserved it, he thought he was just helping someone out who was in need, but he definitely touched my heart and proved that there is actively caring people out there.


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